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This page is still under construction, further information will follow ..


There are various navigation and search options. Almost everywhere where the name of a person of the family tree appears, be it in the person sheet, a tree or a picture, this is linked with a direct link to its individual page.

Also documents, photos, reports and much more can be accessed from anywhere where they appear.

On each person page there are riders leading to family tables, such as family, ancestors or descendants, which can be changed in the generation number. The relationship between two persons can be determined and displayed under the tab "Relationship".

Please note that personal names are mostly listed in German. The search must therefore be made with the German version of the name.

Useful informations

Not all children of a family are registered. Where possible, however, I have indicated how many children the spouses had. This information is in German (eg: Das Ehepaar hatte 7 Kinder, 3 Töchter und 4 Söhne = The couple had 7 children, 3 daughters and 4 sons). The sex of the first-born child is prefixed in the list. In the example, this means that the first-born child was a girl, another order is not specified, unless all children are registered, then these are, under family, listed in the correct order. For lists without date of birth, the order will probably not always be correct!

The link to a source is indicated by a number in square brackets [1, 2, 3].
For direct ancestors, the source is usually given. In secondary lines or ancestors rather rare. Here, the information comes almost exclusively from the respective local family books.

Sources - Uri
It happens that with families or birth is noted that the parents or the family are not recorded in the familybook of the canton Uri. These notes are only in German eg "Eltern im Stammbuch nicht erfasst.." or "Familie im Stammbuch nicht verzeichnet..". With the parents usually this is the case because the recordings started later. For families, the cause is because the family remained childless or moved away. I then specified the entry with the parents, where the spouse is indicated, as source (eg: Erwähnt unter Epp Fam 33c = Mentioned under Epp family no. 33c)

Coat of arms 
By each of the coat of arms I tried to assign the most appropriate.
I am aware that, especially with family crest, not all people with the same names had one. Nevertheless, I assigned, for a better overview, to all the persons of the same name and the same region the respective coat of arms. This is especially true for the families of Uri, Switzerland.


Closer look 
Registered users (free of charge) have even more options and can also download CEDCOM files from the family tree as well as produce pdf files.
The link to the registration "Register for New User Account" you will find above under -Login-. The link is at the bottom.

The journey into the history is currently available in German, English and French.

Info, FAQ - English

Useful informations, navigation etc.

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