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How it came about..

The beginning: June 2014
Out of the wish to know who were our great-grandparents and from where we come at all, I started the search in June 2014. Without any knowledge of genealogy, the first steps were very difficult. Of the grandparents, I only knew those paternal ones. Well, we visited brothers of my grandfather, but I was still too small to remember to details. Unfortunately in our family was never spoken about our ancestors and documents were also not available. But somewhere in my head the names of some localities were still remained which helped me later. My first explorations and questions in the still existing known kinship remained unsuccessful. The place Tannenkirch in Baden-Wuerttemberg remained as source of the Stammler-Line since youth in my memory. Through the first steps and search in this direction I got to know the local family books of German villages, unfortunately in Switzerland they do not exist. So I began to search and buy the books of the localities that were relevant to me. With these I was able to achieve my first successes and our family tree began to grow.

Expansion: 2015
On a visit to the home of our ancestrors (father's side), the village of Tannenkirch, it turned out that in the same week a new local family book was published. This was the most important book which still was missing to me. With this I was able to expand the circle of ancestors quickly. In the meantime, I had gathered around 20 family books from important localities which was not so easy since most of them were already out of print and no longer available. So I found and auctioned some of them in the Internet. I was also allowed to take photos of others with kind permission from the owners. In this way I was able to find many, but not all, connections of our ancestors. During this time I also took advantage of the help of professional genealogists. They were then able to expand the family tree quite quickly and obtain the associated documents, such as birth registry entries and the like. Best thanks to Mrs Metzger (for Switzerland) and Mr Wollmershäuser (for Germany), without you I probably would not have reached it or at least needed much more time. In Switzerland, on the paternal side, the line of the grandmother leads to Eriswil (Bern) and of the the great-grandmother to Sisikon (Uri). In Germany I could trace the direct ancestors with name Stammler back to 1633. Through the collected experience, also through relevant literature, I was with the time in the position to transcribe the old churchbook entries myself what was made previously by the professionals. So I have attached to the photos of the entries the respective transcription. It became clear to me that it is important for a good family tree to prove the chain of direct ancestors.

How it has grown..

History: 2016
It was a great pleasure to see how our tribal tree grew rapidly and more and more lines were added. Both in Markgräflerland (Baden, Germany) and in the canton of Uri (Switzerland), the kinship has grown by many hundred persons into the breadth and far into the depths. In an endless number of hours I spent the time deciphering old handwritings and writing them down readable. And have searched old yearly books or historical yearly sheets to get more information about our ancestors. Therefore the genealogy finally captivated me and have more than fascinated me. So far, all ancestors were rather simple people. Great was my astonishment when I noticed that suddenly the one or the other line led to extremely interesting personalities. All at once there appeared historically recorded people in the family tree, where also articles on their deeds and activities could be find. Once again, I went to the antique shops and searched thru the internet. In both ways I found further books such as "Ahnen Benziger Müller" or the "Püntener Chronik" as well other writings with which I could continue my research. Almost unnoticed, I thus crossed the line from the search in the church books to scrolling through historical records and reports of writers and scholars of the last centuries. Sure, I was surprised when I was pointed out a direct connection to "Charlemagne". At the same time, however, I was also aware that I now had two different types of ancestry recording. On the one hand, the ancestral tribal tree, verified by church records. On the other hand, an implementation of historical reports in the form of a family tree. Unfortunately the reports of many of earlier researchers and also researchers of our time contain unintentional but also deliberate errors. It is quite clear to me that not all of the described connections of historical personalities can be correct. Nevertheless, I was drawn deeper and deeper into the story.

It becomes a journey: 2017
Over time, I have noticed that I have learned more about direct ancestors when I have looked closely at their environment, ie, kinship. This is especially true for the part of the historical personages. Thus I began to include the extended circles of these persons in the tree. I now see my records, which have begun as a family-tree, no more as a simple tree. Rather, it became a twofold thing. On the one hand, the tribe-tree covered with documents, which reaches approximately the 17th century. On the other hand the playful listing of historically well-known personalities into the tree, although in some lines there is a connection. This historical part of the family tree probably does not have to be taken really seriously, however, this shows how it could be. I have summarized this second part mainly with reports in the Wikipedia. In any case, I do not see my work anymore as a family tree but as a "journey into history". It is the stories of historical men and women who fascinate me. And since I would like to share with the historically interested reader this journey, which is a different one for everyone, is why I will publish it.


Published: 21 Jun 2017 - First publication of the "Journey ino the History" on - Status: Persons 7'552 / Families 4'983

Update: 03 Jul 2017 - Complements genders of Uri as well as medieval families - Status: Persons 7'824 / Families 5'171

Update: 07 Jul 2017 - Supplements families from Uri, Switzerland and of medieval families - Status: Persons 7'916 / Families 5'229

Update: 26 Jul 2017 - Complements and corrections Medieval families - Status: Persons 8'444 / Families 5'566

Update: 01 Sep 2017 - Extension of the kinship of Markgräflerland as well as medieval families - Stand: Persons 8'888 / Families 5'821

Update: 01 Oct 2017 - Extension of the medieval families Stand: Persons 9'999 / Families 6’512

New website: 17 Oct 2017 - New design of the site with much more possibilities of the presentation of the trees and the search etc.

Now changes always appear immediately. Information about the status of the tree can be found under Info - What’s New and Statistics.

Verlauf / Progress / Progrès - English

English version about history and progress of this research

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